"We don't want to have anything to do with the
government," you say.

No problem. We cut through the red tape.


LIBERTY FOOD MARKETERS CO. is in business to increase your profits. Unlike most government agencies, we understand how business operates because we're in business, too.

We have behind us more than 50 years of valuable experience in successfully following contracts from the initial inquiry to the final payment.

In government bidding, paperwork errors are costly. Fill out the bid incorrectly and you may be deemed "non-responsive," with your bid thrown out of the competition.

Faulty invoicing causes payment delays. The government's motto seems to be, "Do it right or do it over. No exceptions allowed!"

We know what the agency is looking for. We do it right the first time, every time. The money you save training your staff and dealing with problems can more than pay for our services. You know your business and we know ours!



As your Authorized Government Sales Agent, we transmit to you all pertinent data in a CONDENSED, EASY TO READ format.

You will be able to do your pricing accurately and effortlessly, no wading through page after page of small print trying to figure out, "What do they mean by that?"

Bid histories, based on our extensive research, are available for most products.

As soon as you give us the price, you can relax because our experienced staff will take it from there.


When you receive an award, we will notify you promptly and send a contract packet detailing all shipping, marking, stenciling and billing instructions.

If you have any questions or problems regarding the contract, just call us. We will get the right person right away. This service alone can save you hours of time.

In cases where you bill directly, we will work with your billing department so that all information is correctly presented and no payment delays result due to improperly completed paperwork.

Should the contract be awarded to another bidder, we will advise you of the awardee and the price at which the contract was awarded. This is a courtesy extended to all our bidders and there is no charge for this service.



For more than 50 years, we at LIBERTY FOOD MARKETERS CO. have made successful offerings to federal and state agencies for large and small businesses from coast to coast, involving hundreds of millions of dollars to our vendors.

Keep right on doing what you do best.
Sit back and let LIBERTY do the rest.

Free Bids Free Bids!

There is never a charge for unsuccessful offerings. You pay us only after the delivery has been made and you have been paid.

Successful bids are very reasonably priced.

For federal agencies, (USDA, military, etc.) the contract and check will be in your name. Upon your receipt of payment, we will invoice you for our services. Since we work on a percentage of the contract price, our success is tied to your success!

We specialize in USDA

Computer Bid Technology

We mean it when we say:
Government Bidding Made Easy


Liberty Food Marketers Company

1806 Hwy 35, Suite 104, Oakhurst, NJ 07750

                       Tel: (732)-842-3000   Fax: (732) 741-5820 Cell: 732-567-2439

                         email: dave@libertyfood.com

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