Hit your sales target with our unique
Computer Bid Technology

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Information is power. Beat the competition with our computer analysis of previous awards. We show the successful bidder, shipping point and award price - all sorted by destination.

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Products, quantities and special notes. Get a quick overview of the bid emailed to you. Then download the line items in spread sheet format, fill in your prices and send it back to us. We submit the bid in your name and follow it through until the final payment.

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Know your position. After the award is made, we show where you stand in comparison to the winning bid. Our Computer Bid Technology and expert staff allow you to focus your efforts on production.

Join our growing list of successful bidders

 We have introduced many prominent companies to government bidding,
increasing their sales by millions of dollars because our unique bidding technology gives them an edge over the competition.

Free to our clients the Bid History Report gives complete analysis of

market, the Request for Bid means easier, faster bid preparation and the Bid Results report is your score card.

After the award, our expert staff stands ready to assist you from initial notification to final payment.

What that really means is profitable, smooth running contracts which brings credit to everyone involved.


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